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Room: 33教室
Moderator: 陳琮琳醫師、李書欣醫師
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Seminar Speaker
7' Osteoradionecrosis of the extremity after radiotherapy for the patient with extremity soft tissue sarcoma Yun Jui Lu
7' Three-dimensional scanning versus traditional method in template making in Nasal Reconstruction Chih-Jung Huang
7' Chimeric a Septocutanous Perforator Flap in Vascularized Ulnar Nerve Graft as the Monitoring Skin Paddle is An Efficient Way to Monitor the Micro-vascular circulation after its Transplantation Tommy Nai-Jen Chang
7' Reconstruction of the Non-replantable Amputation of Digit Yuan-Hao Yen
7' Cobra Snakebites in Eastern Taiwan – Surgical Management Plays a Vital Role Yan-Chen, Kuo
7' The role of surgeon in novel medical devices development: customized titanium implant as an example Chih-Hao Chen(陳志豪)
7' Redefining Reconstructive Ladder in Gynecological Reconstruction CHU CHENGFENG
7' Efficacy and Safety of Botulinum Toxin A in Axillary Bromhidrosis and Associated Histological Changes in Sweat Glands Chien-Ju Wu

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