Free Paper IX

Room: 30教室
Moderator: 陳杰峰醫師、陳志豪醫師
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Seminar Speaker
7' Patient reported outcomes of operatively treated mandibular condylar process fracture patients Bo-Ru Lai
7' Secondary Procedures After Orthognthic Surgery—Etiologies and Incidence Chuan Fong Yao
7' Ipsilateral Transnasal Medial Canthopexy to Correct Secondary Telecanthus after Naso-orbito-ethmoid fracture 育瑩 朱
7' Workflow and Strategies for Recruitment and Retention in Longitudinal 3D Craniofacial Imaging Study: Three-Year Practical Experience from Normative Database Derived from Healthy Taiwanese Chinese Elementary School Students Pang-Yun Chou
7' Comparative Volume Analysis of Alveolar Defects by 3D Simulation Wei-Chuan Hsieh
7' Identifying Three-Dimensional Facial Fluctuating Asymmetry in Normal Pediatric Individuals: A Panel Assessment Outcome Study of Clinicians and Observers CHIH-KAI HSU
7' The new strategy for promoting osteoporotic bone regeneration in craniofacial surgery Chih-Hao Chen(陳志豪)
7' Prevision craniofacial reconstruction using 3D printing-assisted technique Chih-Hao Chen(陳志豪)
7' Development and clinical evaluation of dynamic assessment and rehabilitation modalities for temporomandibular joint Chih-Hao Chen(陳志豪)

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