Free Paper IV :頭頸重建論文 II

Room: 33教室
Moderator: 馮冠明醫師、曾元生醫師
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Seminar Speaker
10' Outcome Prediction by modifying Clavien-Dindo Classification for Free Flap Reconstruction in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Chang Cheng Chang
10' Safely subcutaneous delivery of free flap pedicle by suction-assisted chest tube method Kuok Kun Chan
10' Comparison of Reconstruction Plate and Vascularized Fibula Flap in Mandibular Reconstruction of Head and Neck Cancer Patients Kuo Pao Jen
10' Single Stage Two Jaw Reconstruction with One Free Fibula Fla 宗岳 蔡
10' The donor site morbidity in fibula free flap reconstruction in hear and neck cancer: our experience LEE, SHIH-YU
10' Third free flap in head and neck reconstruction: recipient vessel selection and outcome TY Yang
10' Free Flap Outcomes of Intraoperative Dopamine and Dobutamine Infusion in Microvascular Reconstruction for Head and Neck Cancer Patients: An Old Issue Revisited Kai-Ti Chuang

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