Free Paper VI

Room: 30教室
Moderator: 楊國強醫師、林燦勳醫師
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Seminar Speaker
7' Double-V-Cutting Derotation Graft Ping-Hsun LEE
7' Ideal Nasal Radix Position in Facial Asymmetry FANGYU HSU
7' Triangular fossa composite graft, an effective method for nasal lining repair in the contracted nose 邦瀚 徐
7' Upper Margin of the Forehead Flap and its Correlation with Aesthetic Results in Nasal Reconstruction Jenny Yun Jen Yeow
7' Objective Comparison of CO2 laser assistant and traditional transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty 陳 嘉芳
7'  Surgical Treatment of Xanthelasma Palpebrarum Chih Yun Lin
7' Dermofat graft for pretarsal fullness of lower eyelid retraction Chang-Ju Wu
7' Both effectiveness and aesthetics: An innovative surgery strategy combination with peri-orbital deformity correction surgery and myectomy for severe essential blepharospasm Biing Luen Lee
7' Personal experience in surgical treatment of moderate to severe congenital ptosis - 12 cases series Biing Luen Lee

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